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Codex Alera Book 2 Academs Fury by Jim Butcher

Today I write about the second book of the Codex Alera, Academs’s Fury. This book takes a place a few years later in the lands of Alera.

Tavi has survived the trials of the north and has been sent to the capital city Alera Imperia to chase his dream of learning at the Academy. He’s also picking up some extra training as a recruit cursor as well. At…

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My favorite source was Roman Warfare (Smithsonian History of Warfare) by Adrian Goldsworthy.  I would do another one of my PowerPoints on Roman tactics, but I doubt that’s in high demand.  

The last image came from ‘’, which, altogether, isn’t a half-bad website.

Ohhh, glorious!

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The first time Tavi fully manifests a water fury, it manifests in the same broad lion-form of Androcles. 

Kitai just snorts and holds out a hand to the lion, but Max turns and looks at Tavi with the most incredulous expression Tavi’s ever seen.

Tavi goes beet red up to his ears and starts mumbling, looking anywhere except at Max, while the lion, upon whose back Kitai is now perched, starts nuzzling him, water sheeting all over them both. 

"Are you upset?" Tavi asks, finally forcing himself to look at Max. 

Max is still staring at him and then Androcles is there, shoving his broad head under Max’s arm. Androcles and Tavi’s fury make eye contact, let out challenging roars, and then pounce on each other. Kitai lands softly on the bank next to them as the lions grapple in the stream. 

Eventually, after neither fury can get an upper hand, they seem to call a truce and quiet down. 

Max brushes a hand against Tavi’s wrist. “Do you like the name Adria?” He asks quietly. 

Tavi turns and looks at his friend, whose eyes are burning with affection, and nods as gratitude wells in his chest. 

Then Max throws his head back and laughs out loud. “Crassus is never going to believe there’s another one.” 


Been reading through the Codex Alera series (just finished book 2) and the magic system is so cool. Had to sketch Amara with Cirrus because wind pony.


Been reading through the Codex Alera series (just finished book 2) and the magic system is so cool. Had to sketch Amara with Cirrus because wind pony.

Morning bath (The Codex Alera ficlet)

Imagine your OTP the morning they have had sex. Person B decides to go shower and when they come back out, person A notices how some droplets slide down their skin and asks Person B if they can go again.

Via: otpprompts (Fandom: The Codex Alera. OTP: Tavi X Kitai)

Tavi flopped onto his back, the bed sheets firmly bunched into knots underneath him as Kitai smiled dreamily, running fingers through his hair and absent mindedly kissing his cheek.

'You're getting better…' She purred, drunk on the sweet wine of morning sex. There was something about it, Tavi reasoned, it was slow, calm, sleepy, steadily growing in intensity. What better way to wake up?

He smiled, holding her near luminescent hand up to his mouth, ‘I’ll take that as a compliment.’ he said, kissing her fingers individually.

Eventually, Kitai released her Aleran, and he stood lettng her appreciate his strong, broad back and shoulders, and that tight, perky rear she loved so much. ‘Hurry back…’ She sighed, letting herself spread languidly over the sheets.

Tavi smiled, shutting the bathroom door behind him. 

Kitai rested happily, peace time with her Chala, a rare and beloved time for the both of them. She split her time between dozing, revelling in the smells of the room, and teasing herself gently, letting her mind flood with memories of last night, and the morning.

Eventually the door creaked open, and Tavi re-entered, drying his hair on a towel, ‘You know, I always forget how big that bath is, seems smaller when we share it.’ He smiled. 

Kitai bit her lower lip. The water, stray beads ran down his chiselled body, between the lines of abdominal muscles, his powerful thighs, jaw line, and his mouth. Oh that mouth.

'Kitai?' Tavi asked, watching her scan him.

Kitai threw the covers back, lifted her knees to her chest and spread open her legs, and gave him a look that made his toes curl.

Tavi let the towel drop to the floor. She didn’t need to say another word.

"the course of history is determined not by battles, by sieges, or usurpation, but by the individuals. the strongest army is, at its most basic level, a collection of individuals. their decisions, their passions, their foolishness, and their dreams shape the years to come. if there is any lesson to be learned from history, it is that all too often the fate of armies, of cities, of entire realms rests upon the actions of one person’s decision, good or bad, right or wrong, big or small, can unwittingly change the world.
but history can be quite the slattern. one never knows who that person is, where he might be, or what decision he might male.
it is almost enough to make me believe in destiny."

— Gaius Primus in Furies of Calderon (Codex Alera, #1)

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Reading Codex Alera (Cursor’s Fury rn) and I love Kitai and Isana and Amara but 

it’s… it’s Butcher…

So I’m permanently afraid that will change 

/enjoys it while I can

It doesn’t

Or at least in this readers opinion!

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So I’ve managed to finish 2 out of the 6 books of the Codex Alera series and…..HOLY SHIT.


Why I didn’t jump on this bandwagon sooner, I’ll never know.



crassus taking max flying, because max has always wanted to.

and they get up there, and max is holding onto crassus, except awkwardly because he’s fucking taller than crassus and max just freaks. he’s so scared of heights he feels like he’s going to throw up, but obviously he doesn’t want to say anything, so he just puts crassus in this fucking death grip.

and crassus can feel the fear just radiating off of him, but he doesn’t want to say anything because under it crassus can feel max’s primal joy, the exultation of finally, after wanting it for so long.

so neither say anything, and crassus goes as fast as he can, flipping and diving and spinning, relishing in max’s shouts, shouting with him, his own joy building in the trust max’s grip on him means, and max can’t shut his eyes, can barely even blink.

max’s heart is hammering and the fear and joy spike so hot in him he can feel it in his throat as crassus takes them high enough to chase the sunset around the curve. they hover there for as long as crassus can hold them, while dew that refracts light collects in their eyelashes. 

when crassus finally brings them down max’s knees buckle and crassus has to catch him and max blushes. crassus lowers him to the ground and collapses next to him, and tells max the first time he tried to land after flying for so long he fell face-first down some stairs and knocked out his two front teeth. 

and they just look at each other, cold and wind burned, their hair sticking up everywhere and they laugh until they can’t breathe and then, when they finally quiet down and are watching the sun set from the ground, max turns and asks, “tomorrow?” 

saladgoesmoo said: No Way Out and Love, Amara and Bernard. (am I doing this right?


No Way Out & Love

Amara was pacing, back and forth across the stone floor, “Are you sure there’s no way..” “Love, we’ve been over this a hundred times” Bernard rumbled, suspiciously calm he was leaning lazily against the desk. “It’s impossible, we’ve come at this problem from a hundred different ways, we’ve stalled, we’ve cajoled, we’ve been aggressive, defensive, evasive..” Amara let out a loud growl of frustration interrupting him. She knew he hated this as much as her, she could see beneath his calm exterior and knew it was only a front to help calm her down, but it just agitated her more. “We could run, hide…” but her voice trailed off even as she started to speak knowing that wasn’t really how Benard did things, her either. They would just have to face this together and hope for the best. “He has sentries outside every door and window of this place, and before you even think it, probably in the skies watching too. He’s not going to make the same mistake as last time. You wouldn’t make it ten feet out the door.” Bernard step up and wrapped her in his arms, “We’ll get through this, we been through worse, how bad could it be?” She groaned into his chest “you did not just say that…” A knock came from the door and was immediately opened by grizzly looking soldier named Giraldi, “I’ve been sent to fetch the prisoners” he said grimly. Amara flashed him her most hateful look she could muster but it only set him to grinning knowingly. “Come on you two let’s get this over with” and proceeded to walk out the door without them. “He’s right Love, its about time we faced this like true subjects to the crown and get it over with as fast as possible. We’ll make short work of this like every other bad situation we’ve been in and then they’ll be the ones wishing they had left well enough alone.” He gripped her hand tightly and led her out of the room. When they caught up to Giraldi he was waiting for them just inside a door leading to the main stairwell in the Citadel. Giraldi still had that grin on his face, he winked at Amara causing her to scowl once more, then turned to soldier before him and said as sardonically as possible “Sound the call to battle”. Without changing his expression in the slightest the boy flagged someone down in the room beyond and instantly the citadel filled with the sound of a wedding march. Benard patted Amara’s arm, “Smile Love, or people will think you don’t want to get married.”

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